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Level 5 - 6

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Gain the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to become a productive member of an architectural design team.  The NZ Diploma in Architectural Technology provides practical learning to undertake the whole process of producing architectural drawings using Archicad and Revit software, from establishing a client’s requirements right through to submission of the final designs.


There is one entry date per year:

  • February

Career Opportunities and Outcomes

Those who complete year one of this programme will be able to:

  • Use basic industry knowledge to evaluate design principles for small building projects in a design, building or construction related environment.
  • Carry out feasibility studies for small buildings.
  • Be able to communicate a concept and building design, and prepare approval documentation for a building project in accordance with a design brief.
  • Evaluate the performance of and select standard and non-specific materials and finishes to be used in the building process.
  • Prepare, organise and present architectural working drawings for small buildings using manual and digital technologies in accordance with the statutory and regulatory environment.

As a graduate of this qualification you will be able to:

  • Apply comprehensive industry knowledge to evaluate design principles for small, medium and large building projects in a design, building or construction related environment.
  • Carry out feasibility studies for small, medium and large buildings.
  • Establish the clients’ requirements, develop and communicate a concept and building design, and prepare approval documentation for a building project in accordance with a client’s brief.
  • Evaluate the performance of and select materials and finishes to be used in the building process.
  • Prepare, organise and present architectural working drawings for small and medium buildings using manual and digital technologies in accordance with the statutory and regulatory environment.
  • Understand the roles, documentation and administrative requirements of the construction industry, apply this knowledge and assist senior personnel through the tender process.


Year One

  • Architectural Communications
  • Sustaining the Environment
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Setting the Scene
  • Building Law
  • Services
  • Construction Materials
  • Documentation

Year Two

  • Building Appreciation
  • Construction Components
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Setting the Scene
  • Services
  • Construction Management
  • The Science of Architecture
  • Documentation

Both years consist of eight courses each, as listed above.  All courses are compulsory.  Year One students use Archi CAD and Year Two students use Revit software.

Part-time students are advised to contact the Programme Coordinator before enrolment, to discuss their preferred study options.


Entry Requirements

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