FREE | Te Tohu Tauihu [Kaupae 4] | NZ Certificate in Te Reo me Ngā Tikanga [Level 4]

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Level 4

Piki mai kake mai rā ki Te Aho a Māui!

Take your reo Māori to the next level.

If you want a safe, friendly place to further your learning of te reo Māori, expand your knowledge, or experience the Māori world, this is the place to be.

With our courses you’ll find the support and opportunities to fulfil your hunger to learn and expand your knowledge in te ao Māori.


There is one entry date per year:

  • February

Day classes 9.00am-3.00pm, Monday to Thursday, OR one weekly night class and three weekend wānanga.


This qualification is for graduates of the Level 3 programme who wish to further develop their knowledge of the Māori language and marae customs and practices. There will be a focus on speaking te reo Māori and applying it in everyday life and on the marae ātea.

Practical experience in leadership roles will occur in the second half of this year-long programme.

Successful completion of this certificate allows you to enrol in the Te Pōkairua Reo (Rumaki) [Kaupae 5] l NZ Diploma in Te Reo Māori (Immersion) [Level 5] programme or the Te Whakangungutanga ki Ngā Tairo a Kupe | Bachelor of Arts (Māori) degree.

Your Future Career & Study Opportunities

Skills developed in this programme will enhance chances of gaining employment in a number of fields where a basic knowledge of te reo Māori is required.

Successful completion of this certificate allows you to enrol in the Te Whakangungutanga ki Ngā Tairo a Kupe | Bachelor of Arts (Māori) degree or another EIT | Te Pūkenga programme in the following semester.


You must have completed the approved foundation programme, Te Pōkaitahi Reo Māori (Reo Rua) [Kaupae 3] | NZ Certificate in Te Reo Māori [Level 3] or have an equivalent qualification.

Academic Learning Services

Academic Learning Services is here to assist you on your journey towards the successful completion of your studies at EIT | Te Pūkenga. Our aim is for you to become confident, competent and independent learners.

We have dedicated advisors who can assist with your learning.

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You can find a list of EIT | Te Pūkenga scholarships here however there are many more scholarships offered nationally.  Information about these is on a database called “givME”. givME is accessible at EIT | Te Pūkenga or at some public libraries. If you would like to come to EIT | Te Pūkenga to look through the giveME database don’t hesitate to contact or call in for a chat.