NZ Certificate in Sport Coaching [Level 3]

The NZ Certificate in Sport Coaching will provide you with the ability to coach participants at entry level across a range of sports.

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17 weeks


Level 3

Learn while you coach

The NZ Certificate in Sport Coaching will provide you with the ability to coach participants at entry level across a range of sports.

You will be able to apply your coaching skills with a focus on skill development and enjoyment for participants to encourage people to participate in sport codes and activities.

As a graduate, you will contribute to the health, cultural, social and economic wellbeing of Aotearoa New Zealand.

This qualification is not designed for coaches of high performance athletes.


The NZ Certificate in Sport Coaching [Level 3] assists you in developing as a coach through your sporting season.

It is expected that you will be coaching or assistance coaching a team while enrolled in this programme (minimum of 100 hours).

You will learn to:

  • Create a supportive sport coaching environment and demonstrate positive side line behaviours for the safety of participants while coaching a chosen sport.
  • Model simple skills and apply general coaching principles and group management techniques to achieve performance outcomes.
  • Apply basic injury prevention techniques including warm up and cool down procedures to meet the physical requirements of the chosen sport.
  • Give constructive, specific and positive feedback on performance to achieve outcomes while coaching a chosen sport.

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Career Opportunities and Outcomes

After you graduate you can be employed (paid or volunteer) as an entry level coach, primary or secondary school sport coach, or in a commercial park environment as a club coach or assistant coach.

Further your study with the NZ Certificate in Sport, Recreation and Exercise [Level 3], the NZ Certificate in Exercise [Level 4] and provides a pathway to the NZ Certificate in Coaching and Instruction [Level 4].



This programme has multiple intakes per year – please contact the Pprogramme Secretary, Sue Jackson on 06  830 1521 or email


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