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NZ Certificate in Food and Beverage Service (Restaurant Services strand) (Level 4)

Please note this programme is on hold for 2024.

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18 weeks


Level 4

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Offer first-class, professional restaurant service

A good customer is for life – not just for one service period. Learn how to make exceptional customer service an everyday event in the hospitality industry as you learn how to create positive first impressions in restaurants, cafés and bars.

At EIT you’ll have the opportunity to work in our fully licensed training restaurants and cafés, where you will gain invaluable experience preparing and serving lunch and dinner for paying clients.

Career Opportunities and Outcomes

This qualification may lead on to the NZ Certificate in Hospitality (Advanced) [Level 5] with strands in Accommodation, Food and Beverage Service, Catering Services and Quick Service Restaurants Services (not available in Hawke’s Bay).

Employment may be gained as a food server with advanced skills who is able to monitor and maintain food and beverage operations, in a broad range of food and beverage service outlets.


The restaurant services programme enables you to pursue a professional career in a restaurant and/or hotel management. In particular, the programme is designed to meet the needs of those who want to enter the hospitality industry with a customer/guest service focus, and does not require study in food preparation and cookery.

Upon graduating you will be able to:

  • Monitor and maintain health and safety, food safety and security practices to ensure own safety and minimise potential hazards when serving customers.
  • Communicate effectively when serving customers and behave in a professional manner with colleagues, managers and customers.
  • Follow standard operating procedures to deal with familiar problems in a hospitality establishment.
  • Establish standards of professional practice for advanced food and beverage service that can provide customers with confidence in a range of hospitality environments.

Come in and have a chat about your study options with the staff at our Hawke’s Bay campus. Or, simply give us a call on 0800 22 55 348. And you’re most welcome to visit EIT to view our facilities at any time.


There is one entry date per year:

  • July




Entry Requirements

International Entry Requirements

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