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Following in grandmother’s footsteps to pursue a career in nursing

April 19, 2023

Alexi Sewell is studying a Bachelor of Nursing at EIT | Te Pūkenga, in the hopes of one day becoming a nurse like her grandmother.

Alexi Sewell is proud to be following in her grandmother’s footsteps by choosing a career in nursing, starting with a Bachelor of Nursing at EIT | Te Pūkenga.

The 20-year-old, who is in her third year of the degree, says the opportunity to pursue a career in nursing is a dream come true.

She says she had always wanted to do something in the health sector but was not sure what. She chose nursing because “my grandma Cathy worked in nursing for over 35 years”.

 Alexi says that being able to study fee free for the first two years of the degree a motivating factor in choosing to study nursing at  EIT | Te Pūkenga. Alexi’s first year of study was covered by the government’s (first year) fees-free initiative, and as a recipient of an EIT | Te Pūkenga Year 13 scholarship her second-year fees will also be covered.  She says: “It was the best decision ever because I absolutely love it and I wouldn’t change it for the world.” 

“I’ve had two placements in the  A3 surgical ward and I’ve absolutely loved it. It’s been so good. Very full on and fast-paced.”

Alexi acknowledges that the support she has received from EIT | Te Pūkenga and her lecturers has validated her decision to study nursing.

“EIT | Te Pūkenga has been very supportive. I could ask anyone around me for help and they’ll direct me or help me with anything. My lecturers and other staff within the Bachelor of Nursing have been very helpful and approachable”.

Alexi acknowledges that her capacity to empathise and care for others makes her well-suited to a rewarding career in nursing.

“I think I work very well under pressure. I love the communication side of nursing and the fact that you are constantly around people helping them to achieve their treatment goals. I really like the hands-on people skills approach that this occupation requires”.

Alexi’s passion for her studies resulted in her receiving the Head of School (Nursing) Scholarship Award in her second year of the Bachelor of Nursing at EIT | Te Pūkenga last year.

“I’m very honoured to be receiving this scholarship, and I am very thankful for all of the support I have had around me to receive this scholarship,” says Alexi, who had no idea that she had been nominated for the award.

Not only will the scholarship contribute towards Alexi’s fees in her final year, but it has also given her “a lot more motivation”, as she progresses through her nursing degree.

“Once I got the scholarship, I knew I was in the right career and that all the enthusiasm and hard work had paid off. It was nice to see my lecturers and other staff on the bachelor of the nursing acknowledge the care and work I was putting into this degree. I was so excited for my third year.”

Alexi, who left Napier Girls High School in year 13, says she then enrolled in online schooling through Te Kura Pounamu before studying for her nursing degree.  

Katherine Williams, the EIT | Te Pūkenga Bachelor of Nursing Programme Coordinator, says: “Alexi is working very hard to develop her skills and abilities to become a registered nurse. Her academic and clinical commitment was noticed by a community member who reported a high standard of professionalism, knowledge, and thoughtfulness when Alexi attended a roadside medical event.”

“Alexi’s passion has motivated her throughout her undergraduate studies, this is a clear example of how wanting something passionately can drive a journey to success. We wish you all the best for your up and coming exams and placement this semester and state finals next semester, Lexi.”