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Graduation delay works out well for former EIT student

September 7, 2022

Jack Hulls is looking forward to graduating with a Bachelor of Computing Systems.

A delay in EIT Hawke’s Bay graduation ceremony to tomorrow (Thursday 08 September 2022) has worked out well for Jack Hulls, who only finished his Bachelor of Computing Systems in February as a result of COVID-19 delays.

Jack, 21, thought there was no chance of him graduating when the graduation ceremony was scheduled for 17 and 18 March at the Napier Municipal Theatre.

“It was a three year degree, but I think it ended up being three and a half with me just because of COVID-19. At that point I was majoring in programming, so a lot of what I was doing was group projects, which were quite difficult to do in lockdown.”

“I was relieved when it was announced that graduation was being postponed until September, because I knew I would be able to graduate this year rather than waiting another year.”

Jack, who was born in England and moved over with his family when he was about two, grew up in Hawke’s Bay and attended Havelock North High School, where his mother is a teacher.

Having focused on doing subjects that he enjoyed at school, it was only as he was leaving school that Jack decided to look at studying computing.

“Specifically, the two main places that were offering the programme I was looking at, the Bachelor of Computing Systems, were either here at EIT or in Wellington. The Wellington programme required NCEA credits in computing, which I did not have because I had only just decided what I wanted to do.”

So, he went to EIT, and it is a choice he does not regret making.

“I really enjoyed the small class sizes and that you could talk with the lecturers if you were uncertain. We had a semi-formal relationship with them which was very useful to me.”

He also enjoyed getting practical experience during his work placement, which was at contracting and IT solutions company Sysdoc.

His degree put him in good stead to get a job at food manufacturer, Cendenco Foods New Zealand Limited, where he is an IT report writer.

“I’ve only been working there for a few months, but I’ve very much enjoyed what I’ve done so far. Well, I’m certainly happy where I am for now, in the data space and I could see myself just sort of orbiting the database concept space for a while.”

For now he is focused on tomorrow’s graduation ceremony at the Napier Municipal Theatre.

“I’m really excited. Mum and Dad will be there and my sister who lives in Auckland is coming down as well.”

Ian Purdon, Lecturer and Programme Coordinator in EIT’s School of Computing, says: “Jack really is a deep thinker, and was always a pleasure to have in the classroom, for his engaging and thought-provoking ideas, but also leading by example through his conscientious studies.”

“It is really rewarding to read of his and his family’s pride in this achievement. EIT is  immensely proud to have been part of such a great outcome for Jack, and to facilitate retaining his talent and enthusiasm within our local community.”