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EIT offers evening Architectural Design classes for those wanting to retrain

May 26, 2022

EIT Architectural Technology Lecturers Andrew Caldwell (left) and Jonathan Pickup (right) will be running the evening classes for the Diploma of Architectural Technology [Level 6] being offered part-time at EIT from August 2.

Evening architectural design classes aimed at people wanting to retrain or learn new skills will be on offer at EIT later this year.

The classes will form part of the first year of the Diploma of Architectural Technology [Level 6] being offered part-time at EIT from August 2. Classes will be held from 4pm-8pm twice a week and the Diploma will take four years to complete. EIT will offer the first semester from August, with the second semester of the part-time Diploma being available from February next year.

The classes will be led by EIT Architectural Technology Lecturers Jonathan Pickup and Andrew Caldwell.

EIT already offers a fulltime Diploma of Architectural Technology, but Jonathan says it was felt there was a need to offer an alternative for learners who had other commitments during the day.

“We thought it was a good idea to provide an opportunity for people who are either in the building industry or who for whatever reason want to retrain.”

“An evening class gives them the opportunity to work full time and study part-time and therefore change their life and get themselves into a better position.”

Jonathan says graduates will be qualified Architectural Technologists on completion of the programme.

“An Architectural Technologist is what used to be known as a Draftsman. The role of the Draftsman has moved much closer to the role of an Architect, with many of the buildings in New Zealand being designed by Architectural Technologists.”

Components of the programme include New Zealand building law, architectural communication, feasibility, documentation, materials and sustainability.

“We teach all the technical aspects of building design, so this programme may appeal to someone who has been in the building industry for years and has an understanding of construction, but what they haven’t got is the foundation knowledge to put it all in the correct context.”

Andrew says there has already been interest in the programme.

“We have interviewed a cross-section of people including builders who want to retrain within the industry, but also people currently working in non-building related roles who have always wanted the skill and knowledge to design buildings.”

“In the long term we are hoping that companies will employ people on a cadetship type arrangement where they can work during the day and learn at night.”

“They would be learning for the Diploma at night and growing their practical knowledge during the day.”

Andrew says the Tutors will help students by putting them in touch with industry contacts who they think could help them.

“There’s no work experience component to the programme, but we do informally try to connect students with the right workplaces out there that might suit them and just make those connections.”

Jonathan says that this year had seen a significant number of students enrolling in EIT’s fulltime Diploma of Architectural Technology programme.

“What many people forget is that just about every building you go to, someone has had to produce the drawings for that building to be built. So, I always say that we are the ones who design the world.”