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IDEAschool researcher has love for music

October 4, 2021

Tom Pierard


The Research and Innovation Centre has begun a Q&A series with EIT researchers. Here we speak to Tom Pierard, Lecturer – Music, IDEAschool.

1. How long have you been a researcher?
I’ve been a creative practitioner for about 20 years now, but I’ve been contributing peer-reviewed research since 2018.

2. Why do you enjoy doing (quantitative and qualitative) research?
I just love thinking about music and teaching critically, both in my own practice and in the wider sphere. Music technology education is a relatively new field, so there are lots of areas for development! Commercial composition (specifically brand sonic identity) is also a major area of my research, and I enjoy that because it tends to be challenging and very diverse.

3. What research have you done recently or are currently working on?
Presently, I am writing a book chapter discussing the decolonisation of music theory and music education in Aotearoa, and how autodidactic practice can be blended into a constructivist environment. I generally also have a range of music projects going on at the same time.

4. When and where has or will this be published?
The chapter will be published in a special edition of Teachers and Curriculum, set for print in early 2022.

5. What has been your most significant research project?
Probably my PhD thesis, which is around how music technology can give a unique insight into individual identity. It then explores a new type of pedagogical approach in which student identity is used to frame music technology concepts and contexts. I’m submitting this Summer.

6. What difference has it made/what impact has it had/will it have?
Hopefully at least a little! Lord knows the subject needs some clarification.