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Language not a barrier when it comes to the love of cooking

December 8, 2020

My name is Dong Mei Sun. I come from the North-East of China.

I decided to do the NZ Certificate in Baking Level 3 programme at EIT Tairāwhiti because I was interested to learn how the art of baking differs between China and New Zealand.

My children love to eat baking but it is expensive to buy from the shop. If I can bake, I can teach my children how to bake and thereby save money to do other things with my children. I have already taught my girl to do some piping. She loves it. It turns out I did right thing.

Our tutor Karen Johnston taught us the importance of working well as a team.

Baking is a gradual process. Hygiene is very important. I used to think that quantities in a recipe were not so important. But now I realise that if you follow the recipe you will produce nice baking.

On my assessment day, the judge said my cream-bun was good enough to sell in a shop. I am so happy that I’ve learnt to bake at that level.

At EIT, there is a lot of support to help students succeed.

For example:  the Reception/Marketing team. I went to the office to ask what programme would suit me.

They realised that English was my second language and they spoke to me slowly and patiently. They suggested that I apply for StudyLink assistance to help me to pay.

For written assessments I went to the library where they have computers, and an Academic Learning Advisor who can help.

Of course, there are other Support Services too if you need them.

I like the learning atmosphere at EIT. The tutors are so patient a nd kind, and the teaching level is high.

I have recommended EIT to my friends, and one friend has also come to study here.

In 2021 I’m going to study Cookery Level 4 with tutor Tony Davis at our Tairāwhiti Campus. I want to gain more technical knowledge.