Covid career change

November 25, 2020

The arrival of the global pandemic Covid 19 has completely changed the life path for many. 

For Gisborne student Nishant Surathu aspirations changed from electronics engineering to becoming a chartered accountant. 

He never thought he would end up studying for a second degree at EIT Tairwhiti to get a Bachelor of Business Studies majoring in accounting.  

“The main reason is because Covid 19 affected my life quite dramatically.” 

The 26-year-old had completed a Bachelor of Electronics and Communications Engineering in India, which was mainly around robotics.  

He had achieved well and applied to some high-ranked American universities to study for his masters. 

This is the traditional way to study and I had done everything on that path but Covid hit right after I applied. 

Personally, I saw the world was not going to improve anytime in the next couple of years and I did not want to let time hold me back. 

I decided then it was a good chance to change up a few things. I looked at study options and on the advice of a friend took a crack at this degree majoring in accounting.” 

At first he was not sure but as the year has progressed, he is starting to really enjoy the study and feels it is the best thing for him. 

He is a straight A student and has impressed his tutor with his enquiring mind wanting to understand everything and why things happen. 

Nishant says he enjoys the complexity of accounting. 

“There is the same complexity as with engineering but this is more inline with who I am.” 

The end game for Nishant is chartered accountancy.