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Male designers making their mark in fashion

October 16, 2019

L to R: Jayden Powell, Ngarangi Pomana, Mac Tua Whaka Rua, Fabian Omer

Four young artists have this year added a whole new perspective to EIT’s fashion design programme, adding a dose of masculine creativity.
Ngarangi Pomana, Fabian Omer, Mac Tua Whaka Rua and Jayden Powell all come from a creative design background.

Last year Fabian, Mac and Jayden completed the Level 3 and 4 Certificate in Art and Design. This led them to explore the field of clothing design
and on the path of studying the NZ Diploma in Fashion Level 5 at EIT’s IDEAschool.
“I have always had a fascination with fashion,” when he was making some wearable art pieces at school.
Fabian said he found himself drifting towards the creative practice of designing clothing because he wanted to create his own style and clothing.

Jayden said he wanted to get into something that would get him out among other people after spending a couple of years immersed in music and gaming development in his own time.
“I wanted to get out of my studio and do something that gave me more social interaction.”

Mac, having studied art and design at Level 3 and 4, wanted to find a different way to express his creativity.

They have all found the Diploma in Fashion programme extremely absorbing, fulfilling their creative aspirations.
The full-time project-based course covers all aspects of clothing design. From the conception of an idea, pattern making and constructing their designs, digitising these using Adobe illustrator, to photographing and presenting their final works in an E-portfolio and to peers.
“We are trying to express a certain style into one garment, taking it from an idea and turning it into an actual thing,” said Ngarangi.

As part of this, they are each working towards the final project Showcase, were they will be creating three outfits to be shown on the fashion runway at IDEAschool’s end-of-year Festival in Tairāwhiti in November.

Their portfolios include exploring career development plans, which has already taken a couple of them on some exciting new pathways.
Fabian wants to become a stylist in the fashion industry, making people look amazing in the clothing he selects for them. “It’s my passion and if I get to do that I will never work a day in my life because I enjoy it so much,” he said.

Ngarangi wants to continue his studies with a degree programme somewhere like Melbourne and Jayden wants to develop his own style identity across three different media – fashion, music and gaming development.
Mac wants to develop his own line of clothing incorporating his art work as well as expanding into different design media. “This is just one branch of the
tree,” he said.
They have found their lecturers, Marlana Nepe and Ash Mckenzie at EIT, very knowledgeable and inspiring. “The stuff that I have seen them do is
mind-blowing which says a lot for their skills,” said Jayden. “We are following in their steps – all the challenges we are going through they have too,” said
“We want to inspire other young men who have a passion for fashion, especially on the East Coast.
We encourage you if you want to pursue a career in fashion, do it!”