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EIT liaison adviser Rita plays in Olympic Qualifiers

September 17, 2019

Rita Hokianga is one of three White Sox players from Hawke’s Bay.

It’s quite amazing what some of our staff are getting up to (and achieving) in their “free time”. EIT liaison adviser Rita Hokianga for example is a member of the White Sox (pitcher, left-handed!). Last Saturday Rita and her team set out to represent New Zealand at the Asia/Oceania Olympic Qualifiers in China. 

“This is the last chance to qualify for the Olympics,” Rita told us before leaving. “A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It means so much to me.” Rita makes no bones about the fact that being a semi-professional athlete hurts sometimes. Juggling a full-time job, training and family life is anything but a walk in the park. It’s the love for sport that makes her sacrifice evenings and weekends to get the training done.

After a warm-up tour in Japan the White Sox will fly to China to play in the qualifiers. We will keep our fingers crossed, Rita!