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“Artivist” and EIT student Lara exhibits at Art-X

June 20, 2019

Lara in front of two paintings that will on display at this year’s Art-X. (Credit: Gabriella Edwards)

EIT Bachelor of Creative Practice student Lara Strachan is participating in the annual Rotary Club of Greenmeadows Art-X national exhibition. The exhibition opens on Friday.


Lara is no stranger to the big show. Last year the organising committee chose her and two fellow students to take part. As she sold her painting on opening night, she was invited back.


“I’m super excited,” Lara says, “last year I was just a student but this year it feels like I’m a serious artist. It’s such a big deal and I’m looking forward to socialising with people of the local art scene.”


The 20-year-old always had a passion for art and grew up in a creative family. “My mother is a painter too and she is very critical and honest. This constructive feedback helps me a lot.”


Lara uses acrylic on loose canvas to bring her environmental message across. She describes herself as an “artivist”. “Through my surrealistic paintings, I give animals a voice and investigate the deplorable actions humans take against nature,” she explains.


Lara loves to hear what people think and feel when they look at her art. “Sometimes it’s bang on what my message is all about and sometimes people just like the boldness of the colours which is absolutely fine too.”


On campus, the young artist shares a studio with a friend. Lara is grateful that she is able to go there whenever she wants. She often works on different paintings simultaneously, and some of them take months to complete. One of the paintings that Lara will present at the exhibition lay under her bed for over a year before she added the finishing touches to it.


Lara aims to make a living out of her art one day. “I picture my paintings hanging in cafés and houses of art lovers. For now though, I’m happy to learn more about painting techniques and to explore places across the globe which are famous for art, culture and galleries.”