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EIT is celebrating World Book Day

March 7, 2019



Glynis Cooper, “Taniwha”

Mandy Pentecost, Dogger

Today is world book day! The whole world is celebrating books and so is EIT. Three of our Early Childhood Education lecturers and one manager tell us about their favourite children’s books. Literature plays an important role in the EIT Bachelor of Early Childhood Education curriculum, with second year students, for instance, completing a course called “Early Literacies”.

Reading introduces children to the joys of language. The more they get to read, their love of books becomes stronger. Reading to children supports the development of their creativity. It also fosters relationships with adults and enhances the child’s wellbeing. One of the greatest gift adults can give to children is to read to them.

Mandy Pentecost (Manager): “My favourite book is Dogger written by Shirley Hughes. My daughters never got sick of reading it and we had to buy a second one as they wore the paper copy out. Its’ about a boy’s deep attachment to a toy, about family loyalty and kindness.”

Cheryl McConnell, “The Lorax”

Gillian Postlewaight, “Where the wild things”

Cheryl McConnell: “I love reading The Lorax by Dr. Seuss written in 1971. It’s about sustainability, long before it was popular and mainstream. My daughter could read it by heart at four.”

Gillian Postlewaight: “I chose Where the wild things are by Maurice Sendak. I enjoyed reading this with my children because they interacted with the story and characters. It was a catalyst for imaginative play and creativity.”

Glynis Cooper: “I love Taniwha by Robyn Kahukiwa. Reading is a means to support a sense of identity. For example, in this story, children’s experiences come to life; the river, the log and the Taniwha.