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Trades Open Evening- O’Shea Mead Cadore

August 4, 2017

Carpentry student O’Shea Mead-Cadore with Brendan Fry Builder Ltd owner Brendan Fry.

EIT student O’Shea Mead-Cadore has a lot on his plate but is well on his way to becoming a qualified builder.

O’Shea completed the Certificate in Carpentry Level 3 in 2016 and is studying the National Certificate in Carpentry Level 4 this year, while working full time as an apprentice for Brendan Fry Builder Limited.

“I have always had a passion for building things and studying at EIT Tairāwhiti was a good way to figure out whether or not I actually wanted to be a builder. After the first year of study I definitely knew I wanted to pursue the trade.”

Owner Operator Brendan Fry, says after hosting O’Shea on work experience from EIT, he was keen to have him onboard as an apprentice.

“He is punctual, well-mannered and enthusiastic and is always studying and interested in learning. I have had a few apprentices and O’Shea was the only one who brought out notes and started asking questions.”

Brendan says having O’Shea come from EIT was an obvious plus.

“Knowing how to use tools and having that basic first stage of knowledge from their intro course is just a huge benefit to us.

“It also means we aren’t getting them straight from school when they are really green, it is a real bonus.”