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Hardcore Parkour: The Making of an Amazing Journey

August 22, 2017

Flips, scaling walls and hurdling over seats is something more synonymous with action movies not tertiary education. But EIT and Indelible Ltd are changing all that.

Their new video is a fast-paced and exciting promotion of EIT, Hawke’s Bay and the Year 13 Degree Scholarship.

When EIT approached Indelible to make a video promoting their Year 13 Degree Scholarship, neither party was sure which way to take it. Indelible Ltd’s Company Director, Mark Radley suggested that parkour might be the answer.

Thus the concept of the ‘amazing journey’ begun. The camera uses the parkourer as a stand-in for the audience. His journey is the viewer’s journey.

We are taken through different locations and past EIT students sharing their study experience. Until finally we arrive at our destination and the place where our amazing journey will begin – EIT.

This project was a new challenge for Indelible and a different approach for EIT that has received a great response. The teasers and final full video have reached almost 18,000 views on Facebook by mid-August.

The aim of the video was to showcase what EIT offers students in a fun and cool way.

It also is an example of the talent and success that Hawke’s Bay breeds.




Scott Marsh- Stunt Performer

Scott was born and bred in Havelock North but now lives in Auckland.

At only 21 years old, Scott has appeared as a stunt man for many TV shows filmed in New Zealand including The Shannara Chronicles and Netflix’s Roman Empire.

His skills and connection to Hawke’s Bay made him the perfect protagonist to appear in the video.




Mark Radley – Company Director “The Ideas Man”

When EIT wanted something fun for their video, Mark Radley thought “Yes! Let’s do that!”. Sure, how hard could it be to have someone leap from tall buildings and flip over walls!




Andrew Browne – Director of Photography

Behind the camera, Hawke’s Bay boy Andrew Browne produced and seamlessly edited the video and its teasers.




Charlie Hollings-Hatton

Charlie worked as the 1st Camera Assistant on the video. Charlie went to Taradale High before interning at Indelible Ltd – where he has now been officially employed.



All the students that appeared in the video were recipients of a Year 13 Degree Scholarship.


Poppy Savage

High school: Karamu High School

Programme of study: Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood Education) – Second Year




Sarah Anderson

High school: Taradale High School

Programme of study: Bachelor of Computing Systems – Third Year

Career: Currently teaches on the ‘Introduction to Programming’ paper in the Bachelor of Computing Systems. She has also worked as a developer for Red Jungle and a project manager for WeaveIT



Alanna Iorns

High school: Iona College

Programme of study: Bachelor of Teaching (Primary) – Second Year



Truman Stuart

High school: Napier Boy’s High School

Programme of study: Bachelor of Recreation and Sport- First Year

Other scholarships: EIT- Sport Hawke’s Bay Scholarship for his Waka Ama achievements



Noah Parker

High school: St John’s College

Programme of study: Bachelor of Visual Arts and Design – First Year


Olivia Mador-Puna

Hometown: Gisborne

High school: Sacred Heart College (Napier)

Programme of study: Bachelor of Recreation and Sport 

Career: Active Families Coordinator Sport Hawke’s Bay.