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EIT – Sport HB Sports Scholar – Keegan Merwood

November 7, 2016

2016-sport-hb-eit-scholarship-keegan-merwood-3This year has been a massive learning curve for me in terms of being able to cope with study and juggling sports commitments as well. The second semester has been really busy with lots of big assignments that have often taken priority over training for competitions. Taking four papers this semester has been a challenge but, with the support of the lecturers and a good group of class mates, getting work done on time wasn’t a worry. With only a few weeks left in the year and a couple of exams to finish things off, the pressure to achieve good results is on.

During this semester there was a competition called the 90 Mile Beach Classic which is held at Ninety Mile Beach. Part of being an athlete is having to make sacrifices and due to study commitments I was unable to compete in this event.

As well as focusing on ending the year with good academic results, I now have my eyes on our next competition – the Hawke’s Bay champs being held in the middle of November. This competition is a chance to warm up for the season and get an idea of the things we need to improve on to do well at the other competitions over summer.

Over winter, a group from the surf club run our own circuit trainings.  When summer is just around the corner and daylight savings comes up we stop the circuits and focus more on running and improving our aerobic fitness. Our clubrooms in Hastings are where we run our circuits and these back onto the Windsor Park soccer fields. Now, as the weather is getting warmer and we have more light, we like to run speed and agility exercises on the soccer fields and then have a friendly game of touch to finish off the training. We run these sessions twice a week and try to get more of the younger athletes involved as they are suitable for all ages. We also do a big run up Te Mata Peak once a week.

Along with the fitness sessions in Hastings, we are now getting into our boat training at Waimarama Beach. At the beginning of the season we focus lots on breaking down our specific races and practising little movements. My crewman Luke and I work together to help each other improve our technique and as we get closer to our main competitions we put it all together and tweak the little errors.

I’m looking forward to the beginning of the season and working hard to achieving my goals. 

Keegan Merwood