Choosing a New Direction

January 20, 2016

page 14 - change of heartThroughout her school years, Ashley Haddad found mathematics increasingly enjoyable.

Because the EIT business programme is flexible, Ashley was also able to combine study with working for Gisborne accounting firm Chrisp & Davidson.

“I love the job. It’s nice to be studying toward something and use what I study in my work. There’s stuff I do at work that hasn’t come up yet, but when it does I know how to do it.

“I really like the lectures, there’s a lot of one-on-one, and if you’re not sure about anything you can just ask.”

Ashley’s goal now is to be a chartered accountant. After completing her Bachelor of Business Studies (majoring in accounting) and a year’s professional accounting experience, she expects to gain her professional accreditation.

Originally from Kentucky, she is looking forward to having the flexibility to work anywhere in the world – including her home state – with her qualification.

“Everywhere uses Xero now so you can access it anywhere in the world. If I went back to the States I could use my qualification there. At work I’ve been learning how the new software works and also those little things you don’t learn in school – such as interacting with co-workers and dealing with clients to find the answers they need.”

She wanted to stay close to her family in Gisborne, and she was also awarded the EIT Year 13 Degree Scholarship, so EIT Tairāwhiti was a great choice.

“I think by the end of it I walk out with about a $10,000 loan – far smaller than what it would have been if I went to university.”