You’re Looking Swell Dolly!

May 8, 2013

A gracefully aging old girl from NZ film and TV history “Dolly” is joining the ranks at Screen Production.  She will be in for a bit of nip and tuck courtesy of technicians Alan Nielson and Jonathan Rodgers.

Painted greeny gray she looks to be WWII vintage, but while we were bidding on her future on TRADEME she was recognized from her glory days in 60s regional TV, “I’m pleased to see [she] is still alive – [she] was DNTV2’s “Paddock Dolly” – from the very early days of television in Dunedin.[She] was used in Studio 3 in Dowling Street whenever ‘high angle’ shots were needed, and used extensively on outside broadcasts in the naves of churches, the sidelines of football matches etc etc..  Give her a big hug from me!”

Spotted by camera tutor Pete Janes and bought for a song “Dolly” operates without a track so will give the students a lot more versatility in camera movement.