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Tokomaru Bay’s Candice Davis has some big plans

January 30, 2013

Candice Davis, EIT New Zealand Diploma in Business student

The former TVNZ I Am TV presenter is heading into her final year of a New Zealand Diploma in Business Studies, and working towards her big goal of having a top-end lodge and recording studio in Gisborne.

Her love is music, and she studied performing arts – majoring in vocals – in Auckland for a year before heading back to the coast. That was followed by three years on the Maori youth television show.

“TV was lots of fun – heaps of travel but good people,” said the 24-year-old. “It all seems so long ago now!”

But she still gets youngsters coming up to her, just to check she’s off their show.

On return to her home town, she decided she wanted to “do the business side of things”.

“I started with the business foundation course in 2011 and then decided to carry on into the diploma. I enjoy the study and a lot of the things we look at, like marketing, makes a lot of sense to me because of the practical experience I have.”

Now that she’s doing the theory behind it all, she understands a whole more.

On graduation, she plans to get some money behind her so she can establish that much dreamt about business.

“It’s a good location here and if I had recording studio within the lodge, I think it would work. There’s no point spending a lot of money on a studio if it is just waiting around, so the lodge could turn money over and let the studio do its own thing,” she says. “With Rhythm & Vines, we are getting a lot of big artists coming down, so I think it would work.”