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Art and Design Proves Popular at EIT

March 4, 2011

For the first time, the diploma and degree in visual arts and design at EIT was over-subscribed.  Waiting lists were started in January due to the popularity of the programmes.

“The student body is made up of both mature students and school leavers. There is a genuine cross-section of the population,” says Dr Suzette Major, the Head of School for Arts and Design.

Interestingly, a number of the students are from outside Hawkes Bay. “There’s been a notable intake of students in the second and third year of their degree, with artists choosing to complete their studies at EIT,” explains Dr Major. “It’s a sign of how our Arts & Design school is becoming known and respected by creative professionals throughout New Zealand.”

“We are in a wonderful situation with well-regarded art and design professionals in our teaching team as well as strong connections with professionals in the local art and design industry”.

Starting soon, the introduction to visual arts & design is the only programme left with a few places for those wanting to study arts and design at EIT. This 13-week programme allows students to “get their hands dirty across a range of media” says Dr Major. “You can try painting, print-making, illustration, as well as ceramics, 3D design and graphic design.

“The really positive outcome from this programme is that students create a portfolio which puts them in a position where they can apply for an art and design diploma or a degree. And if the current growth continues, having such a professional portfolio will be vital for getting into the diploma or degree next year,” said Dr. Major.