Shane Wohlers

Director, Learning Innovation and Insights


06 830 1102


BA (Hons), MA (Dist), PGCertTechEL (Dist), Prince2 Foundation/Practitioner


Shane and his family have recently moved to Hawke’s Bay from London, England. Shane has been involved with technology in tertiary education for over ten years and has held positions in New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Throughout his career he has been involved in leading significant technological and learning-based change. He has been responsible for a range of projects that use digital, emerging and mobile technologies, managed teams of educational technologists and developers, and advised on learning and teaching strategy, policy and governance.


Shane’s specific areas of interest include change management, collaboration, user adoption and educational user experience design. He has also worked on a number of outreach initiatives with agencies and communities of practice in the technology, UX and start-up domains. Shane holds a BA (Hons) and MA in English Literature, and qualifications in project management and technology-enabled learning. His academic interests include Romanticism, word & image theory, iconography, illustrative criticism, and the works of John Milton and William Blake.


Research outputs

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