Associate Professor Rachel Forrest

Senior Nursing Lecturer


06 830 1524 Extension: 5424

Areas of Teaching

Anatomy and Physiology


PhD (Molecular Genetics), PgDipLabTech, BSc (Zoology)


My research has led to the development and commercialization of a gene marker for cold tolerance in sheep, the income from which supports ongoing research into other potential gene-markers for use in animal breeding, creating a substantial research platform.

My Cold Tolerance Gene-Marker Test (CTGMT) is one of six currently being offered by the Lincoln University Gene-Marker business (  This business was the first in the world to provide this kind of technology to sheep breeders and as a result New Zealand Sheep breeders are now world leaders in the use of gene-markers for animal breeding.

The CTGMT is currently used in six countries (Australia, Germany, New Zealand, UK, US).  Nationally the CTGMT is routinely used by New Zealand stud breeders who use the fact that their animals are tested as a key part of their marketing.  Internationally the use of our gene-marker technologies has resulted in leading ram breeders receiving awards for agricultural innovation. For example, Bill and Lynne Duffield (Codan Suffolks – Lambton County) were the first Canadian Farmers to use the gene-marker test for cold tolerance and footrot and won the Ontario Premier’s Award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence 2008.

I have won awards for the Cold Tolerance Research in recognition of its significance to New Zealand Farming :

–        National Winner – Foundation for Research, Science and Technology, 2000 FiRST Awards, Christchurch, New Zealand.  Award presented by Professor Alan MacDiarmid.

–        Te Amorangi National Māori Academic Excellence Award 2003.

See for example:

Byun, S.O., Forrest, R., Frampton, C.M., Zhou, H., & Hickford, J.G.H.(2012). An association between life-span and variation in IGF-R in sheep. Journal of Animal Science, 90(8), 2484-2487.

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