Dr Ram Roy

Senior Lecturer - Management


06 830 1228 Extension: 5228

Areas of Teaching

Advanced Operations Management, Supply Chain Management, Designing and Improv


PhD in Supply Chain Management, M. Tech., B. Eng., PG Dip. in Business Administration, MPOMS(USA), MCILT(NZ)


My research has contributed to the understanding of operations managers in the areas of operations, productivity, inventory control, freight consolidation, and value-chain/supply chain mapping which were a bit neglected topics. This has influenced the perspectives of various industries and the way they look at the linkages among their operations. Local, regional and national companies in New Zealand have utilized some of my research components in relation to regional supply chain contemporary issues. I use my ongoing research on various topics in the classes to prepare young thinkers for dealing with the challenges of operations and supply chain management. I have also supervised about 12 industry-based learning projects in the Hawke’s Bay region which have helped local companies in identifying and dealing with their operational problems.

For example, see

Roy, R., & Cordery, N. (2010). Comparing and improving value chain-supply chain in the three most important wine regions of New Zealand, International Journal of Value Chain Management, 4(3), 288-303. 2010.

The article is available here

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