Anthony Chiappin

Senior Lecturer - Design / Graphics / Illustration


06 830 1802

Areas of Teaching

Visual Arts & Design


MVA, Cert IV


My research by creative practice originated in Melbourne, Australia, where I worked as both a graphic designer/creative director and an exhibiting visual artist. I taught part-time at the Australian Academy of Design and Swinburne, TAFE before taking up a position as a design lecturer at EIT in 2009.  I continue to research on a multi-disciplinary platform – a symbiosis of design, paint, poetry and music.

In my design and visual work I explore the languages of abstract form with a focus on the use of colour and anamorphic form. Alongside this I explore modernist art movements such as surrealism, constructivism and dada with the aim to reimagine and reconfigure these stylistic forms.

I research the semiotics of design language to create innovative and unexpected image associations. This connects to ongoing work with designing and constructing new and marketable ways of presenting design and pattern information for the international market. I explore ways in which these designs interact with an online environment and innovative technology based aesthetics. This research provides the foundation for my work into experimental ways of branding projects on both commercial and educational frontiers.

I approach my design practice as an experimenter and painter. Across all mediums, I explore the dynamics and tensions inherent within my use of image and text, and ways in which to engage a more unconscious association with my subject.

See for example:

Chiappin, A. (2011) Nikki Gabriel Construction No.3 Knitting Pattern [Design Package], 2011 Melbourne Design Awards Melbourne, Australia. October 6

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