NZ Certificate in Computing (Intermediate User) [Level 3] study from home fee FREE

Go Anywhere with a Computing Career

The NZ Certificate in Computing (Intermediate User) [Level 3] is a flexible study option to help you study while balancing family life, work and other commitments.

Graduates will be capable of using a range of common digital tools and technologies to an intermediate level, to produce and process information, and operate effectively with skills that will meet standard professional conventions and be internationally relevant.

This qualification will give you valuable industry relevant computing skills.

The programme consists of six courses. You must complete each course before you can move onto the next course. This process continues until all courses that make up the programme are completed. You will be required to complete a re-enrolment form at the beginning of each course. You will need to have all six courses completed within 24 months. You may be required to complete a re-enrolment form at the beginning of each course. StudyLink Loans and Allowances are not available for this programme due to EIT’s restricted enrolment process.

We have two ways you can enrol and complete this programme:

  1. You can enrol with EIT and study from home via blended learning using workbooks (that are sent to you) and a computer.  You will be supported by email or you can work at any of EIT’s Regional Learning Centres.
  2. You can enrol and work fully online through the TANZ e-Campus.

Online Offering

There is a fully online option of this programme also available through our business partner TANZ.  There is a fee for this programme, it is not fee free.


The NZ Certificate in Computing (Intermediate User) [Level 3] is a part-time programme providing the next step if you’ve already completed the NZ Certificate in Computing (User Fundamentals) [Level 2], or if you’ve acquired the equivalent of level 2 computing skills elsewhere. It operates in a similar way by focusing on the use of the Microsoft Office suite of software.

This certificate’s programme is designed to deliver an intermediate level of computing skills, provide a qualification for employment, and act as a stepping stone toward diploma or degree-level study.

Subject areas:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Access
  • Online Presentations
  • Internet and Email
  • Digital Communications
  • Basic Troubleshooting
  • Web Design
  • Online Ethics and Etiquette.

Please feel free to make an appointment to discuss your study options. You can meet with our staff in person at either our Hawke’s Bay or Tairāwhiti (Gisborne) campus, or simply give us a call on 0800 22 55 348.


February, May, July, October.

Entry and entry with credit

Entry into the programme is open which means no formal academic qualifications are required.

Computer literacy is highly recommended in order to be able to cope with the digital components of the courses.

English language entry requirement

If English is not your first language you are required to have attained an acceptable level of English language fluency prior to enrolment in the programme. This may be demonstrated in a variety of ways, including schooling in New Zealand, completion of the relevant New Zealand Certificate in English Language, approved scores on IELTS tests or completion of accepted international equivalents. Specific scores for IELTS and New Zealand Certificates in English Language are as follows: IELTS 5.0 General or Academic (no band score lower than 5). NZCEL Level 3 with an endorsement of either General, Workplace, or Academic.

Entry with credit

You may already have some knowledge or skills that can be recognised as part of your intended study. This may take a number of different forms e.g., study at a private training establishment, workplace training, other tertiary study, life experiences or voluntary work. If you think you may qualify, you may want to apply for Cross Credit or Recognition of Prior Learning.

  • Cross Credit is based on the equivalency of courses or qualifications. You would apply for Cross Credit if you have passed a very similar course at the same level.
  • Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is based on the assessment of your current knowledge and skills. You would apply for RPL if you had gained
    the relevant knowledge and skills through life experiences and informal learning situations.
  • A combined total of cross credits and RPL credits allowed is 20 credits.
  • There is a Cross Credit fee of $12 per course.

You will be asked to provide details of anything that you would like considered as credit toward your intended programme of study, as part of your application.

You must apply prior to enrolment. RPL and Cross Credit cannot be awarded for a course if you are enrolled in that course. An original transcript or notice of results from the institute at which you previously studied (or verified copies) will be required for all applications.

For further information and enquiries about RPL and Cross Credit please contact Programme Secretary.

Study Pathways

Your study pathway could progress onto:

  • NZ Certificate in Information Technology Essentials [Level 4]
  • Bachelor of Computing Systems

Academic Learning Services

Academic Learning Services is here to assist you on your journey towards the successful completion of your studies at EIT. Our aim is for you to become confident, competent and independent learners.

We have dedicated advisors who can assist with your learning.

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EIT offers a variety of scholarships across various subjects and programme levels.  Some scholarships are based on your age, some are specific to the subject you want to study.  Not all scholarships are based on your academic ability and anyone wanting to study should investigate what scholarships are available to them.  

You can find a list of EIT scholarships here however there are many more scholarships offered nationally.  Information about these is on an database called “givME”. givME is accessible at EIT or at some public libraries. If you would like to come to EIT to look through the giveME database don’t hesitate to contact or call in for a chat.