Health promotion advocate inspires EIT Auckland students

November 3, 2020

Vishal Rishi (front row, far right) with EIT Health Science students and staff.

Health Science students at EIT’s Auckland campus had the chance to hear from a leading light in the field of health promotion, during a visit by Vishal Rishi, Director of The Asian Network Incorporated (TANI).

As the high profile and highly respected head of TANI, Vishal has been an influential advocate for Asian New Zealanders’ health and wellbeing for the last twenty years, and Vishal generously shared his insights into innovative and effective community-based health promotion initiatives with a captivated audience.

Vishal described in detail how his organisation, working closely with the Ministry of Health, has inclusively empowered diverse and disparate Asian communities to shape health policy, service delivery and development of new programmes. This includes culturally appropriate and accessible projects for migrant women’s wellbeing, parenting support, infant health, relationship safety, disability services and youth programmes to name just a few.

The TANI team comprises medical specialists, clinical practitioners, community representatives, programme coordinators and, crucially, volunteers. Vishal talked about the passion for supporting others that underpins TANI’s philosophy and its success, and he invited students to connect with TANI as volunteers themselves, to gain insight into a unique, collaborative, community-based health and wellbeing organisation. He also invited students to TANI’s next regional network meeting later this month. Students responded enthusiastically to this overture and are excited about the opportunity to contribute and gain experience in such a multifaceted and dynamic environment.