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“The reason I study is to ensure a life after sport”

October 14, 2019

Kianu Kereru-Symes (Magpies) received a HB Rugby Union EIT scholarship.

I have been a student at EIT for two years now. I began studying full-time as a student of the EIT Bachelor of Recreation and Sport.

During my time at EIT, my studies have been prolonged due to a career in semi-professional rugby, which has seen me debut for the Hawke’s Bay Magpies, represent New Zealand at under 20 Rugby World Cup in Argentina, and spend time with the Hurricanes as a replacement/injury cover player. The lecturers at EIT were exceptional with the way they were able to be flexible with me and my studies whilst travelling abroad.

The reason I study is to ensure a life after sport. In today’s world, we have people who paint the picture that we cannot live off sport for our whole lives – this message hits home with me.

What I’ve learnt through sport and study is that it is important to have levellers in your life, something that takes you away from the realities and stresses of everyday life. The levellers in my life include my hobbies of diving and other outdoors activities, spending time with friends and family and just getting away from the fast life and doing my own thing.

When my time is up in the sporting arena and I can finish my degree, I would like to step into the teaching area of the work force as I enjoy the social interaction side of the job.