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“Put your energy into that which sets your soul on fire”

September 26, 2019

Felicity Powdrell is in her second year of studying a Bachelor of Recreation and Sport.

I have been studying full-time for two and a half years now while playing rugby competitively the entire time. As I’ve progressed in my development as a rugby player, I have received opportunities to play overseas in Sevens tournaments, and travel around the country for the Farah Palmer Cup. The hardest part about studying full-time is managing my time according to my priorities. When I’m travelling for rugby, I tend to focus on my prep and training. Study takes a back foot although I learned to balance both.

I also started working part-time over the last few months, which has added stress to my schedule. It is extremely important for my mental health to find time for my hobbies and just to chill with friends and family. Not worrying about study or rugby, just relaxing. 

I love how the course has helped me so much in my own physical and mental development. Learning about sports psychology, nutrition and physical training has given me the tools to do everything I can to be a better rugby player and person.

An average day for me usually starts at 5.30am, depending on which training we have. I get up, have a coffee and head to the gym for a weights or conditioning session. After this I sometimes have a class, or head home to work on assessments. Between the times I spend studying I do some form of recovery, whether it is a stretching or sauna session. I have been making time to catch up with friends or just chill as well, because looking after my mental health is a priority to me. Most evenings I have training, and straight after training I head home to cook dinner. I flat with my two sisters, so we take turns cooking. I try to get to bed by 9pm.

Five interesting facts about me:

  • I love surfing and diving, anything in the ocean.
  • I write music, play piano and guitar.
  • I started playing rugby when I was 18.
  • I love hunting, have my own rifle and firearms license.
  • I worked possum trapping and shearing before I started at EIT.

To any girls and boys out there who would want to achieve what I am achieving, my advice is as follows.

  • Put your energy into that which sets your soul on fire, regardless of what you are told.
  • If you are truly passionate about what you’re doing, and you are willing to work for it through the good and bad times, you will achieve your goals.
  • This isn’t over short term, achieving greatness comes from years of hard work.
  • Be consistent, accountable, honest and kind.
  • The limit is your imagination, and barriers are only as hard as you perceive them to be.