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EIT Backing Biodiversity in Hawke’s Bay

October 9, 2018

EIT staff and faculty who are keenly supporting biodiversity measures in Hawke’s Bay are (Rear, left to right) Karen Blundell, Paul Keats, Mark Oldershaw, Mazin Bahho, Matthew Marshall. (Front, left to right) Natalie Waran, Jo Blakeley, Pippa McKelvie-Sebileau.

The region’s biodiversity has been advanced by the addition of EIT as another guardian for Biodiversity Hawke’s Bay.

The group is made up of organisations, individuals and businesses committed to working together so that Hawke’s Bay’s biodiversity is enhanced, healthy and functioning.

EIT’s involvement as a third corporate guardian was announced tonight at a Biodiversity and Business event held at The Mission.

Executive Dean for EIT, Professor Natalie Waran said “EIT is committed to developing future leaders who are not only experts in their field but also ecologically intelligent. Our support for the objectives of Biodiversity Hawke’s Bay demonstrates recognition of our responsibility for ensuring a nature-rich future for our region. We are delighted to join the Biodiversity Guardians.”

As well as EIT’s commitment of funding, various staff members are individual members and will be working closely together to help further biodiversity issues in the region.

Biodiversity Hawke’s Bay launched its three-year Action Plan in May this year. Prior to this, it released the 30+ Biodiversity Strategy for the region in 2016, after four years of consultation and conversations with people and organisations from throughout Hawke’s Bay.

Anyone interested in joining can do so at www.biodiversityhb.org