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Sport HB – EIT Sports Scholar Dom McGovan

September 19, 2017

Hey again, Dom McGovan here, 

It’s time to say what new challenges and experiences have happened since last time I wrote a blog. I am now in the second semester, and the second half of my first year of study, and as before my time here at EIT has been awesome.

From new classes to new lecturers and to new classmates, EIT still has the same vibrant and exciting atmosphere as it did when I first started here. I am studying the Bachelor of Sport and Rec, and finding it amazing how I can take the information I have learnt in class and apply it directly into to my own basketball training and social life.

One difficult aspect of this semester so far has been learning all the bones and muscles. Though this has been a difficult part of my study, it has also been an enjoyable thing to explore. Learning what you are actually made up of has been quite intriguing.

This semester, one of the new things that is being taught is what coaching is. Before I started the course, I thought I knew what went into being a good coach, but the amount of crucial information I have learnt has been astronomical. I am now learning what it takes to be a great coach.

One thing I would say to anyone who is looking at this course at EIT and pondering whether they should do it, or if you don’t know what you want to do, is to strongly consider this course.

If you have a strong passion for sports or just love it in general, these classes are ideal for you. The pathways and options for where this course can take you is endless.