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Sport HB – EIT Hawke’s Bay Sports Scholar Laura Langley

September 27, 2017

I have always enjoyed playing sport competitively. Throughout primary and intermediate, I played many team sports, as well as doing a lot of swimming. At the beginning of high school, I decided to commit to the one sport I have always had a passion for, running. I trained in a small group with other runners, for 4 years. I enjoyed being a part of that team, however, I always found it quite hard to get along with others when training together. I had the desire to get to the top level in sport, and the people who I trained alongside had to share that same goal.

Throughout my time in sport, I’ve realized that I much prefer to train on my own. I can set my own goals, where the only person stopping me from achieving them is myself. In 2015 I decided to give up the running dream, and become a race walker. Since then I have had a lot of success, nationally and internationally. There are only two race walkers in Hawke’s Bay, myself and my coach (Graeme Jones). Many people say things like, It must be so hard doing all this training on your own! But my response to that is that it’s best part about it.

I believe if you want to do well at something, you must have a passion for it. I took a year off study in 2016 after finishing year 13 to earn some money, and have a good think about what I would like study. I really enjoy studying the diploma in massage therapy. Making my own plans and goals with my sport, has helped me to organize my study routine, and set goals for the marks I would like to achieve in each paper. Being quite independent, I find it easy to study on my own, and I enjoy doing my own research.