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EIT Graduate Outshines Applicants for Top Accounting Job

June 13, 2017

Lars Van Gestel knew he would be up against some pretty stiff competition when he applied for a graduate position at PricewaterhouseCoopers in Napier.

“New Zealand’s big four accounting companies and some of the others too, they attract the best there is,” says the 31-year-old, who completed EIT’s Bachelor of Business Studies last year.

Lars, however, was the successful applicant, winning out against a field of job-seekers that included a graduate who topped his university’s commerce degree cohort.

“They told me I was a good fit,” he says of being offered the position. “And I agree, it feels right.”

Starting at PwC in February, he has undertaken a company training programme in Auckland and is enjoying learning the ropes. Finishing Year 13 at Tamatea High School with no clear idea of wanted to do, Lars took a job at a pizza outlet rather than heading himself into tertiary studies. But while he progressed to a manager’s role, he felt he was coasting.

“Work was paying the bills but not much more than that,” he says. “I realised I needed to do something better.” Enrolling in EIT’s Bachelor of Business Studies
programme, he says returning to study in his mid-20s was “awesome”.

Lars appreciated the help given by his lecturers who, he says, did so much more than teach classes. “Their doors were always open and they were very
approachable. They have a good relationship with students and the students got on rather than competing with each other.”

Lars feels he is now where he should be in his life.