New Website for EIT

March 1, 2011

EIT’s cleaner, clearer and visually more striking website is up and running after a launch timed for the start of the academic year.

Havelock North-based Mogul was selected from a hand-picked field of web developers considered to design the new site. The boutique-sized company previously prepared an online marketing strategy for EIT, which triggered the redevelopment of the website.

EIT emarketing coordinator Leanne Webster says liaising with the local company works out well.  “We have developed a good relationship, and Mogul is well-positioned to understand our role as the East Coast’s leading tertiary educator.”

With the original website launched over five years ago, a redevelopment was considered timely.

Matthew Miller, Mogul’s Managing Director says that Mogul chose the popular WordPress platform for EIT’s new website, to allow easy maintenance by EIT’s staff, excellent social media integration and search engine performance. “A website is only one part of an online strategy, and your website must work in harmony with what you’re doing on Facebook, Twitter, your email newsletters, and your search engine marketing. WordPress is the ideal solution to act as the hub for an integrated online marketing strategy.”

“It’s easier now for visitors to access programme information,” Leanne says.  “That’s an important feature as our monitoring shows that’s the reason most people use the site. And EIT staff are also finding the site more user-friendly – both to edit and maintain.”