FAQ's for All Students

When can I come back onto campus or into my learning space?

What is open?

What information do I need to know before I return to campus in Alert Level 2?

What cleaning is happening at EIT?

Who do I contact if I have general queries about COVID-19?

What happens if a student or staff member is feeling generally unwell?

What happens if a student or EIT staff member is diagnosed with COVID-19?

Will I be notified if someone at EIT has COVID-19?

If I have concerns because I have a pre-existing health condition what should I do?

FAQs regarding study at EIT

When will I know about my programme?

What will happen with my studies?

Will there be tutorials or extra support?

How will I know if EIT’s classes are cancelled, or changed in any way?

Who can help me with online learning?

How will I know about changes to topics, assessments or course requirements??

What if I am concerned about returning to study on campus because the class can only be delivered using facilities on campus?

FAQ's for International Students

Which situation applies to you?

I am an international EIT student and am concerned about my student visa

I am not yet enrolled, but interested in applying and coming to NZ

I am an international student with a Studentsafe insurance policy organised through EIT

I am an international student with an insurance policy from another provider

I am concerned about my family and friends in affected areas. What support is available for me?

Who can I contact for more information?