PLEASE NOTE: These courses are part of our mainstream programmes and will require you
to attend two 2 hour lectures per week (Semester 1, February to June or Semester 2, July –
November). Most courses have a final examination.

Business Planning – Semester 1
You will be able to produce a business plan in the context of a defined business scenario or case study.
The business plan will link financial, operations and marketing issues into a cohesive whole. You will also be
able to participate as a line manager in the construction of budgets and a number of other areas including
Operational and Applied Management.

Economic Environment – Semesters 1 and 2
This allows you to apply elements of economic theory to contemporary issues and encourages you to
appreciate the economic way of thinking as a means to apply to business decisions. It includes topics such
as the nature of economics, demand and supply principles, the theory of the firm, the concept of market
failure, the macro-economic environment, government policy in the economy and international trade.
It uses resources from newspapers and the internet for current economic issues and encourages you to
reflect on your learning in relation to your own personal situation and the business world.

Employment Relations – Semester 2
Examine the employment relations processes – formal and informal – and apply them so that the parties
involved can each achieve their mutual goals.

Entrepreneurship – Semester 1
You will develop your understanding of the theory and practice of entrepreneurship and innovation.

Fundamentals of Marketing – Semesters 1 and 2
Get an introduction to the field of marketing, including its functional, social and managerial dimensions.

Human Resources Management – Semesters 1 and 2
This allows you to explore human resource management activities for the effective management of
people in an organisation.

Introduction to Accounting – Semesters 1 and 2
Learn the basic concepts of accounting and finance for use in the business environment.

Taxation – Semester 2
An intensive course covering all aspects of taxation including tax administration, income and deductions,
financial arrangements, tax on investments, taxation of trusts, partnerships and companies, international
tax issues, disputes procedures and GST. This course aims to provide you with knowledge of the current
tax rules in New Zealand and research skills to continue to solve tax problems in the future. This course is
particularly suited to those currently working within an accounting environment who would like to deepen
their knowledge and understanding of tax.


Roni 06 974 8000 ext 5202 or
Wendy 06 974 8000 ext 5016

Workplace Assessor
Upon completion of this programme successful candidates will be able to design, plan and conduct
assessment of people gathering evidence for their own unit standards based awards. Unit standards
include 4098 and 11552.

Duration: Three days

Course 1:
19 – 20 April 2017 covers US 4098
21 April 2017 covers US11552

Course 2:
2-3 October 2017 covers US 4098
4 October 2017 covers US11552

: 9.00am – 4.30pm
US4098 – $575 including GST
US4098 and US11552 – $660 including GST
Venue: EIT Hawke’s Bay Campus

*Please bring a verified copy of your passport or birth certificate when enrolling.