Centre for Health and Wellness Research

EIT’s Centre for Health and Wellness Research highlights the important and innovative research into health-related issues in the Schools of Nursing and Recreation & Sport, as well as those with other EIT and external collaborators. On this page you will find links to four major research programmes and within those, the projects staff are involved in. The aims of the Centre are to advance health knowledge, clinical practice, health management and health education through high quality research. The Centre also creates opportunity to foster collaborative health research and create links between EIT and research partners.


Wood-Pamela (1)This Research Programme provides a platform for investigating the history of nursing and health. Where possible, we use a regional lens to examine national and international aspects of nursing and health history. There are currently 12 contributing researchers to this programme and the Research Programme Director is Associate Professor Pamela Wood. 


Healthy Communities

Dr Rachel Forrest

Healthy communities are at the heart of EIT’s research. A holistic approach to community health recognises physical, spiritual, mental, family, social, and environmental wellbeing as important interrelated determinants of human health. Health community’s research, therefore, requires an inter-disciplinary approach with a sharing of knowledge, expertise and perspectives. 


Sport Performance

Carl Paton is passionate about cycling, and the sport in general is the focus of his research work.

The ESG is a collaborative group with research interests focusing on the role physical activity and exercise plays in maintaining and enhancing human performance and health. Members within the group have a broad range of research interests, including the monitoring and enhancement of sport performance, maximising human energy metabolism and injury prevention and rehabilitation.


‘One Welfare’

Nat Waran with her family’s well-travelled dogs.

‘One Welfare’ covers a range of research and education topics including; Links between animal and human abuse (First Strike), the benefits of pet ownership for early childhood development, animal use in human therapy, animal welfare standards and food safety, human livelihoods and the welfare of working animals, animal welfare and antibiotic resistance and many more.