Dr Victor Ye

Lecturer - Viticulture and Wine Science


06 830 1485 Extension: 4485

Areas of Teaching

Vicitulture, Wine Science, Oenology


PhD (Wine Science), MSc (Food Science), BSc (Food Science), NZCertAdTT


Research Expertise

Dr Victor Ye’s area of expertise is wine chemistry, sensory evaluation and valorization of wine wastes. Throughout his research career Victor Ye’s oenological interests have focused on the effect of biochemical compounds on mouthfeel and bioactive compounds from wine wastes. Investigating both chemical and sensorial changes in wine during the aging process due to different lees manipulation. Victor therefore has a wide repertoire of skills including wine science, biochemistry analyses, food science, engineering, and statistics. As a researcher with both biochemistry and statistical training Victor has a diverse range of experience to bring to his classrooms.

Research Project

Victor Ye has carried out research in the area of food and wine for a decade. Victor’s early research included: 1) the characterization of bioactive compounds in wine making, including by-products and the effects of vinification techniques on phenolic composition and the bioactivity of these by-products; 2) the effect of enzymatic oxidation on phenolic composition and their bioactivity; 3) investigating the relationship between chemical compounds and mouthfeel in wines.

While worked in wine and food industry, he investigated the carbon footprint of viticulture and wine production/tourism in local wine industry; and involved in investigation into microencapsulation of Actinidin extracted from New Zealand Kiwi fruit, and its slow release mechanism in acidic environment.

In collaboration with industry and Lincoln University, Victor is currently focusing on Sensory Napping® and investigating lexicons for mouth feel descriptors, chemical correlations to those descriptors

Research Outputs


Ye, Z., Shavandi, A., Harrison, R., Bekhit, A. (2018). Characterization of Phenolic Compounds in Wine Lees. Antioxidants, 7(4), 48.
Ye, Z., Harrison, R., Cheng, V. J., Bekhit, A. A. (2015). Chapter 3: Wine Making By-products. In M. Bordiga (1st Ed.), Valorization of Wine Making By-product (pp. 73-117). Boca Raton: CRC Press.
Bekhit, A. A., Cheng, V. J., Harrison, R., Ye, Z., Bekhit, A. A., Ng, T. B., Kong, L. M. (2015). Chapter 4: Technological Aspects of By-product Utilization. In M. Bordiga (1st Ed.), Valorization of Wine Making By-product (pp. 118-178). Boca Raton: CRC Press.


Zhijing Ye. (2018). Acceleration of On-lees Aging Using Pulsed Electric Field Treatment. Wine Graduate Forum at the scientific conference during the Intervitis-Interfructa Fair, Stuttgart, Germany. Abstract and oral presentation, November 2018.
Zhijing Ye. (2018). Mannoprotein in New Zealand Sauvignon blanc wine by HPLC-ELSD.  Romeo Bragato National Conference, Wellington, New Zealand. Abstract and oral presentation, August 2018.