Peter Baker

Lecturer - Visual Arts / 3D Design


06 830 1361 Extension: 4361

Areas of Teaching

Studio practices, Visual communication, Art history and theory


BFA (Hons), MFA (Sculpture)


From London based studies in sculpture my practice developed and was supported by studio experiences of fabrication and architectural installation when assisting renowned sculptors William Pye and Richard Deacon. This formative background contributed to my ongoing research into the development of visual languages and materials within the disciplines of sculpture and photography. Relocating to Aotearoa, my research has also enabled a collaborative practice to emerge that investigates and supports dynamic bi-cultural working spaces and values, focusing on Te Reo.

The focus of my research involves an exploration of photography in relation to sculpture, aligning the plasticity of sculptural objects with the pictorial photographic image. I enquire into the spatial dynamic and possibilities of this ambiguous and comparative working space by exploring the relations between image and object. This art practice therefore becomes a dialogue between the real presence of the sculptural object sited within a swollen baroque space and the recessional perspective space of the photograph.

Developments in digital photography also inform my research. I explore ways in which these extended formats allow for a photographic plasticity that can be used as a tool for organizing space in addition to its function as a tool for depiction. These new photographic processes of distortion and stretching enable particular dialogues with sculpture to appear.  I explore ways in which an inversion can occur, paradoxical situations whereby the fleeting photographic moment can provide the support, plinth and context for the floating nomadic sculpture. An objective of my work is therefore to enable a reconciliation of previous modernist nomadic sculptural practice, by the location of sculptures within or referencing particular ‘places and sites’ recorded by photographic moments. As with Barthes punctum and the notion of a ‘subtle beyond’, I explore the possibility of going beyond the frame to include an exploded sculptural format.

See for example:

Baker, P, (2011), Sure to Rise. [Sculpture installation]. East / West. (Group exhibition), Puke Ariki Art Gallery/Museum, New Plymouth, Oct 14 – Dec 11.  

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