Malcolm Reeves

Honorary Research and Teaching Fellow


(06) 974 8000 Extension: 5836

Areas of Teaching

Wine Technology


M Tech (Food), B Tech (Food), BSc (Chem)


I have a multidisciplinary background and role because of the nature of my qualifications and experience in university teaching, as winery and vineyard owner/operator and as international consultant to the beverage industries. This is reflected in my position as Research Leader in the School of Viticulture and Wine Science, a role that requires me to understand and have input into both wine and grape based research.  Consequently I contribute to research projects that are related to chemistry, microbiology, engineering, product safety, sensory aspects of wine and product quality.  Additionally, since 2009, as a Visiting Professor in the College of Food Science and Nutritional Engineering, China Agricultural University (CAU), Beijing, I have had a broad role in contributing to a wide variety of research activities and associated publications covering wine microbiology, flavour, and chemistry.

As well as my CAU outputs, my other research contributions have been in conjunction with my EIT colleagues and has had a strong Hawke’s Bay focus. These too have involved wine flavour, microbiology, and phenolic and anthocyanin chemistry and biosynthesis, with selected aspects of viticulture in terms of their influence on grape composition.  This reflects the complex nature and the significance of multi-factor interactions in the production of wine. Again, because of my background and cross-disciplinary knowledge and skills I am able to integrate these wide ranging topics when assisting with the direction of research, the conduct of experiments, the analysis and interpretation of results.  It is this mix that has proven to be particularly valuable to my Chinese colleagues with whom I am continuing to work on several more projects.

For example see:

He, F., Liang, N.-N., Mu, L., Pan, Q.-H., Wang, J., Reeves, M. J., & Duan, C.-Q. (2012). Anthocyanins and their variation in red wines I. Monomeric anthocyanins and their color expression. Molecules, 17(2), 1571-1601. doi: 10.3390/molecules17021571

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