Professor Kay Morris Matthews

Research Professor


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PhD, MEd (hons)


My research over 25 years has focused upon theorising within history of education in relation to higher education, gender, transnational methodology and influences on school curriculum as well as childhood studies.  A second research pathway has emerged from commissioned collaborative research on school readiness; child health, youth, education and training through my role at EIT.  Much of this research aims to contribute to improvements in education or health services and is intended to reduce disparities in Māori education and/or health outcomes.

See for example:

Morris Matthews, K. (2013). Who Cared? Childhoods within Hawke’s Bay Children’s Homes and Orphanages 1892-1988 (2nd ed.). Napier: EIT.

Hedley, C., Thompson, S., Morris Matthews, K., Pentecost, M., Wivell, J., Stockdale- Frost, A., & Morris, H. (2012). The B4 School Check behaviour measures: Findings from the Hawke’s Bay evaluation. Nursing Praxis in New Zealand, 28(3), 13-28.  

In Their Own Right

In Their OwITORbookn Right Women and Higher Education in New Zealand before 1945 by Professor Kay Morris Matthews
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Who Cared?

Childhwho cares coveroods within Hawke’s Bay Children’s Homes and Orphanages 1892 – 1988 – Kay Morris Matthews 2nd Edition

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