Jerry Gull

Senior Lecturer - Design / Typography


06 830 1168

Areas of Teaching

Typographic and graphic design


Master of Arts in The History of Typographic Design & Graphic Communication


Before taking up my appointment in NZ at EIT in 2010, I lectured at Buckinghamshire New University as Senior Lecturer in Graphic Arts and previously the Creative Advertising course. Prior to this appointment I lectured at the London College of Communication, London. In addition I have 25 years professional design practice in graphic design and advertising based in central London, UK.

Investigation into traditional typographical mediums and how this can interact with digital formats is the basis for my research. I explore concepts that foreground recognition of both classic and non-digital letterforms integrated into a new and innovative convergence. My research into typeface genealogy involves exploration of print archives and historical forms and techniques with a focus on the English round-hand and its influence on contemporary serif design.

Parallel to this I investigate the physical techniques of printing including letterpress technology, the use of existing hot metal type and the regeneration of extinct letterforms. Sourcing letterpress technology from which I can print, I explore ways to integrate the unique characteristics of this printing process with the digital form. I work to identify and utilize these special characteristics, building on and re-creating the individual stamp that older printing technology allows. Further to this I research the unique spatial qualities of historical type and the characteristic of the print impression and texture on different surfaces and formats.

See for example:
Gull, J. (2010) Creative Campus Initiative [Design Identity]. Cultural Olympiads. BNU, High Wycombe, UK

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