Alannah Meyer

Senior Nursing Lecturer


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RN, MN, BA (Hons) Dip HV


My research is related to issues identified currently in nursing clinical practice and has sought to add to the body of knowledge, guide practice and provide a better understanding of those issues.  Two renal papers on the role and effectiveness of pre-dialysis nurses have contributed to the clarification of the role and an understanding of what these nurses believed to be effective care.  In an area where patient numbers are growing and resources are stretched, this knowledge is essential for service planning and delivery.  The elder sexuality research raised awareness of the importance of sexuality regardless of age.  With an ageing population, this has implications for age care providers and nurses planning and delivering care in these facilities.

For example see:

Walker, R., Abel, S., & Meyer, A. (2012). Perceptions of key influence on effective pre-dialysis nursing care. Contemporary Nurse, 42(1), 28-35.

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