NZ Certificate in Business (Small Business) [Level 4]

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20 weeks


Level 4

Real Life, Real Learning, Real Business: Establish, operate, grow and sustain your small business

Do you have a small business idea but don’t know where to start?

Successful small businesses are as complex and individual as a large corporate. There is no one size fits all and to be successful you need to cover off all the bases – from business planning to staff management. Gain an insight and expertise into effectively managing small business success and contributing to the growth of this sector.

If you are currently working in a small business or looking for an opportunity to establish and grow your own small business, then this certificate will provide you with the knowledge and confidence to participate and manage effectively in this sector.

You can fit your study around your work, family and lifestyle – there is no need to be a full-time student while studying with eCampus NZ. You can work and learn. All study is completely online – with supportive facilitators and advisors to help you along the way.


No face-to-face classes, this course is fully online and requires approximately 600 hours of learning.


The purpose of this qualification is to provide New Zealand with owner/operators who have improved capability to establish, operate, grow, and sustain a small business.
Graduates of this qualification will benefit New Zealand business entities by enhancing the viability, survival, and growth of the sector, and therefore by creating employment opportunities.

On successful completion of this programme, you will have the skills and knowledge to:

●   Carry out a process that requires a range of skills
●   Employ a broad knowledge base in business incorporating some theoretical concepts
●   Interpret information
●   Use judgement in diverse settings
●   Use problem solving skills with initiative
●   Apply a range of interpersonal and communication skills
●   Work independently and within teams of diverse people
●   Accept responsibility for the quantity and quality of output
●   Have appropriate skills, research abilities and knowledge to pursue further study in business

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Career Opportunities and Outcomes

As a graduate of this programme you will have the technical knowledge and skills, people skills, affective skills and familiarity with the business environment to start your own small business or join a small business.

Your study pathway could progress onto: NZ Diploma in Business [Level 5] (with strands in accounting, administration and technology, leadership and management, project management, human resource management or marketing and sales).


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