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NZ Certificate in Agriculture (Breeding & Livestock Farming) [Level 4]

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over 2 years


Level 4


Advance your career in the farming sector targeting skills that will allow you to move into a management level position. As a graduate you will have in-depth knowledge and practical skills in farming production systems and be able to benchmark this performance. Provide assistance with the management of environmental impacts and take responsibility for day to day management of vehicles, plant and machinery.

This programme is delivered through our partners at Smedley Station, Pukemiro and Waipaoa.


The purpose of this qualification is to provide the pastoral farming sector with individuals who have the skills and knowledge to take responsibility for the day to day operational management of a pastoral  farming production system.

This qualification is targeted at people who are experienced workers in the agriculture industry and are looking to move into, or are at, a management level position in an agricultural production enterprise.  

Graduates of the Breeding Livestock Farming strand will also be able to:

  • Benchmark performance against data
  • Produce management reports
  • Be responsible for maintenance of vehicles, plant, machinery and equipment
  • Assist with management of environmental impacts
  • Implement a livestock health, breeding and feeding plan

Career Opportunities & Outcomes

This qualification may build on the New Zealand Certificate in Agriculture (Pastoral Livestock Production [Level 3][Ref: 2217], and New Zealand Certificate in Agriculture (Livestock Husbandry) [Level 3] (Dairy, and Meat and Fibre) [Ref: 2214].

This qualification may lead on to the New Zealand Diploma in Agribusiness Management [Level 5]. 

This qualification may lead on to the New Zealand Certificate in Agriculture (Level 4) with strands in Arable Farming, Dairy Farming, and Livestock Farming [Ref: 2212].





  • February


Entry requirements

International entry requirements

Study Pathways

On successful completion of the National Certificate in Agriculture (Level 4), you may choose to continue with your studies to complete:

  • New Zealand Diploma in Agribusiness Management (Level 5)
  • New Zealand Certificate in Primary Industries Production Management [Level 5] 

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