Bachelor of Viticulture &/or Bachelor of Wine Science Concurrent

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3 years full-time on campus (BWSc or BVit), 4 years full-time on campus (concurrent BVit/BWSc), 6 years part-time by distance learning


Level 7

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Located in one of the premium winemaking districts in New Zealand (if not the world), EIT offers two unrivalled degrees in viticulture and wine science. You will discover everything about what makes grapes grow and how wine is made.

You will learn about grape varieties, the soils, and environments they are best suited to, and the science involved in turning them into one of New Zealand’s most famous exports.

With EIT’s flexible study approach you can study either the BVit or BWSc degree full-time on-campus or part-time via distance learning. There is never been a better time or place to discover the intriguing world of wine.


Both the BVit and the BWSc programmes will provide you with the skill-sets required for exciting careers in the viticulture and winemaking industries. These degrees will also lay the foundation for ongoing learning in the fast-paced world of grape and wine production.

The Bachelor of Viticulture

The BVit is an exciting 3 year programme (or equivalent part-time) providing you with a wide variety of skills such as vineyard husbandry and the technical, scientific, managerial and supervisory skills required to set you on a career path in the dynamic grapegrowing industry.

Subject areas covered include:

  • Plant physiology
  • Wine sensory science
  • Viticultural science
  • Vine physiology
  • Vine health
  • Vineyard establishment
  • Soil management
  • Viticulture work experience
  • Viticulture excursion

The Bachelor of Wine Science

The BWSc is also a 3 year programme (or equivalent part-time) offering a stimulating pathway to a career in many aspects of winemaking.  Graduating with a Bachelor of Wine Science will provide you with valuable skills to pursue a prosperous career in the winemaking industry in New Zealand or abroad.

Subject areas covered include:

  • Viticulture
  • Wine science
  • Wine analysis
  • Wine production
  • Wine sensory science
  • Wine science excursion
  • Winery experience
  • Winery engineering
  • Wine microbiology
  • Wine chemistry

Bachelor of Wine Science + Bachelor of Viticulture BVit / BWSc (Concurrent)

EIT also offers you the unique opportunity of being able to study both the Bachelor of Viticulture and the Bachelor of Wine Science degree concurrently. This concurrent degree is a full-time, 4 year programme (or equivalent part-time).

Distance Learning

The Bachelor of Viticulture and Bachelor of Wine Science can also be studied by distance learning*.

EIT is the first tertiary institution in New Zealand to offer degree-level qualifications in viticulture and wine science by distance learning.

By distance learning, either the BVit or the BWSc is a part-time, 6 year programme. Students may choose to study some courses on EIT’s campus in Hawke’s Bay and some by distance learning during their programme.

*Please note that full-time study is not available to distance-learning students.

Please feel free to make an appointment to discuss your viticulture or winemaking study options with our staff either in person at our Hawke’s Bay campus or by phone. You can also visit EIT any time you like to view our facilities.

Career Opportunities & Outcomes

Graduating with a degree in Viticulture and/or Wine Science from EIT opens up many career pathways for a future in the grapegrowing (viticulture) and winemaking (wine science) industries. Careers such as:

 Bachelor of Viticulture careers:

  • Vineyard manager
  • Viticultural contractor
  • Research and development
  • Owner/operator of a winery/vineyard
  • Wine/viticulture educator
  • Grower liaison positions

Bachelor of Wine Science careers:

  • Winemaker
  • Assistant Winemaker
  • Manager in wine, brewing or food industries
  • Research and development
  • Wine/viticulture educator




There are two entry dates per year:

  • February (full-time and part-time)
  • July (full-time and part-time)


Entry requirements

International entry requirements


wine science courses + viticulture courses

Academic Learning Services

Academic Learning Services is here to assist you on your journey towards the successful completion of your studies at EIT. Our aim is for you to become confident, competent and independent learners.

We have dedicated advisors who can assist with your learning.

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