Professor Emeritus Roger Maaka Expert Series Public Lecture

October 26, 2017 4:00 pm
Te Ara o Tāwhaki (Wharenui) at EIT

Indigeneity: Māori and the Indigenous Mosaic

Indigenous people form an incredibly diverse mosaic of cultures and languages across the globe. Officially acknowledged estimates are that 370 million people self-identify as indigenous, speak one or more of 4000 indigenous languages and live in 5000 cultural communities across 90 countries.

Māori are integral to this global mosaic and so our story – past, present and future – is essential to the indigenous experience.

The struggle and transition of indigenous people from problem minorities to peoples with rights are encapsulated in the concept indigeneity. This presentation offers insights into the contemporary indigenous world; the issues and experiences which have created and continue to define it.

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