I have just enrolled – will my study be impacted?

I’m partway through my study – will I be able to complete it at EIT?

I was thinking of enrolling in 2020 – will the same range of study options be available?

Will study options be offered by EIT or by the new entity (the proposed title of which is the New Zealand Institute of Skills and Technology, NZIST)?

What will happen to students who operate out of regional learning centres?

When I graduate, will it be from EIT or from the new entity?

If I fail a paper and have to repeat it, will the course still be around?

Is my scholarship still valid?

Will this impact class sizes?

Will there still be campuses in Hawke’s Bay, Gisborne and Auckland?

Will this impact fees free?

Should I switch to Open Polytechnic or to a university?

If the merger does go ahead, what services will be provided to students and who will provide them?

I've read that programmes and courses won't be changed. But if all ITPs are merged then won't courses be all standardised? So, doesn’t that mean they’ll be changed?