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Research update from Viticulture and Wine

November 22, 2017


David Bloomfield is the Research Team Leader for the Viticulture and Wine Science School and he attended the Winegrowers Research Stakeholders Meeting in Blenheim yesterday, along with approximately 30 scientists from multiple research institutions.  A major rethink of New Zealand Wine and Viticultural research is underway to create coherence and coordination across industry research and development. The meeting concentrated on aligning science capability, research and opinion, together with the industry.  Planning is underway for the New Zealand Winegrowers Research Centre, with backing from MBIE. This new centre will be in Blenheim as approximately 80% of the industry is based there, but with connections to researchers throughout New Zealand.  The deadline for Winegrowers to submit its action plan is June 2018, therefore it is very important that EIT’s voice is heard loud and clear over the coming months if we are to have a say in the direction of Wine and Viticultural research.