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Tutor profile – Cameron Nepe

January 30, 2013

Forestry tutor, Cameron Nepe

The forestry industry has been good to EIT Tairawhiti tutor Cameron Nepe.

The 35-year-old father of three has been involved with the industry in some form since 1994 – from silviculture to harvesting, as a GIS (geographical information system) technician and a tutor.

“It’s a good option for people to take,” he says. “It’s a full time job, not seasonal, and offers great career pathways that allow people to go into anything from machine operation, to crew management, and supervisory roles in crews.”

The EIT Tairawhiti forestry courses offer the core basics needed to introduce people to the industry, covering off essentials like health and safety, chainsaw maintenance and operating skills.

Nepe, who joined EIT Tairawhiti early in 2012 and holds a degree in iwi environmental management and a diploma in forest management, also works alongside the forestry industry training organisation FITEC.

When he’s not talking trees, he’s more than likely to be with his wife and three boys, out on the water pursuing his new-found interest of waka ama or being pushed to the max at cross fit.

He paddles in Team Blaqua for Horouta and will be making his debut in competition at the sprint nationals in January.

“We’re told we look pretty mean on the water, but we just need to get alongside some other crews and race so we can see ourselves where we’re at,” he says.